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Boston Dynamics - Atlas, the next generation

A new version of Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, assess the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects. This version of Atlas is about 5'9" tall (about a head shorter than the DRC Atlas) and weighs 180 lbs.

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University of Pennsylvania - RHex, the parkour robot

RHex is an all-terrain walking robot that could one day climb over rubble in a rescue mission or cross the desert with environmental sensors strapped to its back.
Pronounced "Rex", like the over-excited puppy it resembles when it is bounding over the ground, RHex is short for "robot hexapod", a name that stems from its six springy legs.
Legs have an advantage over wheels when it comes to rough terrain, but the articulated legs often found on walking robots require complex, specialized instructions for each moving part. To get the most mobility out of RHex's simple, one-jointed legs, Penn researchers are essentially teaching the robot parkour. Taking inspiration from human free-runners, the team is showing the robot how to manipulate its body in creative ways to get around all sorts of obstacles.

More info: A robot that jumps, flips, and does pull-ups
The scientific paper from the lab: Toward a vocabulary of legged leaping

Video produced and directed by Kurtis Sensenig
Text by Evan Lerner
Music: Hedgehog's Dilemma - Stretched out

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